Calendar of Events Submission - Ohio Music Education Association
The OMEA calendar is for OMEA sanctioned events only. In the future we may open up submissions for college honor ensembles or other local events, but for now, use this submission for District/Region Meetings, Large Group, Solo & Ensemble, and other OMEA-sanctioned events.

When filling out this event, be sure to:
- Mark the appropriate categories (district events should not be marked with region category)
- Use proper capitalization and spelling
- Use anticipated start/end times for single-day events
- Use "Time of Day" field for multi-day events
- Use required format for event title (Who - What (detail)) Eg:
--- D16 - Fall Meeting
--- D2 - JH LG (Band/Choir/Orchestra)
--- SW Region - State LG (Band)
--- D3 - HS SE

Use logical abbreviations (JH/HS, LG/SE, D#, etc) in the "title" of your event and spell out the whole words in the description of your event.

The event contacts for AE should be the event chair.